YENA launch scholarships as part of our Business Memberships


For a while now we’ve been offering Business Memberships for those who want to directly interact with our community of young entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals but I’ll happily admit that we’ve never really quite known what the right approach was.

These things take time, feedback, feeling and an overview of results to see where efforts really should be focused.

That’s why we’ve made some recent changes to our Business Memberships.

The main changes we’ve made centre around relationships. Relationships are the key to any and all business. It’s forever been said that ‘people do business with people’ but what if those people could meet far earlier on in their journeys so as not to worry about connecting ‘properly’ when they finally have that idea?

Well, our scholarships now have an even bigger impact on those relationships, both tangibly and socially.

Now, as a business, you’ll be able to give a young startup the opportunity to launch a grow a business with all the benefits that the YENA community offers: Peer support, mentoring from some of the worlds largest companies, access to resources and savings worth thousands of pounds and much more.

It’s hard starting a business and often expensive. It shouldn’t have to be and it’s mission to make that so.

So, in joining as a Business Member you not only get your own suite of benefits, you also get to support someones future, directly.

Further to this though, and equally as important, you can either nominate your own recipient of our support or let us choose someone deserving of it for you. We’ll then connect you with the individual (if you wish) so that you can develop a potentially life-long relationship with a future business leader who can learn from your hard-earned lessons.

This gives you the opportunity to teach, give back but also receive the thoughts, feedback and insights from a young, entrepreneurially minded individual that are incredibly valuable. So valuable in fact that we’ve turned it into a standalone service as you can see here.

So, we invite you to join us on our journey, help someone start their own, add to your own purpose for 2017 and build a lasting relationship with untold benefits.

Learn more and sign up here.