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Without an ounce of over exaggeration, what you’ve built with Dffrnt has literally been life changing for me

Jonathan Basker

It's a lot better than some in-person accelerators I've been on!

Rachael Coulter

I met some of my best friends because of you. I wouldn't be dong what im doing without the support of you and everyone at Dffrnt.

Dave Inglis

For the first time in long time I feel in the right place.

Daniele Di Marco

There's a million communities for personal professional development, but this is the only one where I felt welcome from the start, feel I can ask questions and talk through with people.

James Mahy

Provided me with a network of people all helpful and knowledgeable willing to guide and recommend routes through challenging times.

Tom Harries

The high-touch feel to a virtual world makes all the difference!!!

Zoe Smith

Best monthly subscription ever

Jermaine Smith

Since joining, I have been bowled over by the support and engagement that goes on within the community, but not only that, the kind of recommendations we have received and the friends I have mad

Lorenzo Luiso

I really love the sessions - they never fail to motivate and make me feel SO excited. Thank you so much for all of your support so far - I would never be where I am if it weren’t for Dffrnt.

Laura Santos


There are so many communities you could join. So why this one?

Dffrnt provides you with skills you’ll be able to use right now and throughout life. The network we provide, the skills we teach, and the opportunities we give you access to are designed to genuinely provide a step-change for whatever you’re doing.

  • Want to build that business?
  • Aiming for that promotion?
  • Want to start a community initiative?

Whatever it is you’re working on, we are here to provide you with the environment you need to help you grow. Our members have started & built incredible companies, movements, and made a huge impact. Many of them boast national accolades & awards. And you can too.

Join us, meet them, and let us help you capitalise on what makes you… different.


They say you’re the sum of the people you surround yourself with. So what happens if you surround yourself with people who not only want to see the world change for the better, but are leading the way in doing so?

Our community are builders, creators, makers, industry movers & shakers – people you can only gain from being around. Individuals who actively look to help each other, open opportunities and create positive outcomes from connections.


Being different doesn’t mean having to stand out. In fact, being a hyper-focused introvert might be one of your superpowers. The true power comes in realising the special things that make you awesome at what you do, then aligning you with the best way to make the most of them.

Sometimes this might be building a business, it might be being the best second-in-command a founder could ever wish for. Either way, you’ll be powerful, and it’s that power we practically look to unlock here.


Through our premium content curriculum, regular expert webinars and community of like-minds, these are the skills you can expect to tangibly upgrade with us, in order to improve your opportunities in work (and life)


Social Currency

Personal branding


Decision making

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Public Speaking

…and more! 


Dffrnt started life as a network for young entrepreneurs. Over time this grew into a global community that connected entrepreneurial people of all ages and backgrounds at physical events and virtually too.

Eventually, I realised that our community wasn’t just entrepreneurs, but unreasonably ambitious individuals. Entrepreneurial, sure, but in our world that encompasses professionals, community leaders, and social change-makers challenging the status quo too.

So we adapted, and now Dffrnt is a platform that helps unlock the skills that go unseen and overlooked, but are vital – now more than ever – to creating incredible careers and lives.