5 years ago, I ran a small meetup around a table in a quiet Bristol bar, with no intention of that becoming a business. Since then we’ve grown to focus on a huge a vision, with a solid social purpose a great product (in mine and luckily hundreds of others’ opinions), and much more to come…

Our core product may now be age-agnostic, but our ‘Future Leader’ events for u35s, remain to act as a safe space for the the next generation to connect.

Since that tiny meetup in that bar, we’ve grown to connect 3,500 people across 14 cities globally regardless of our membership. We’ve amended the format over time, learnt lots, battled the idea of charging for entry to ensure that anyone can benefit, regardless of their circumstances and sacrificed a lot to ensure that happened.

Today it’s awesome to announce that expansion continues with the launch of Yena in Berlin – a European startup capital, where we’ll continue to connect ambitious rebels starting, running, growing or working for incredible businesses.

Our 15th city to date, this is the first city where we’ve needed to (and been lucky enough to have resource available in our community to) translate the page into the native language of the country. Having to translate into German is something I didn’t expect to have to do way back at the start!

A big thank you to our incredible host Ellen de Visser who has made the translation possible and will be leading the way in Berlin with Yena’s launch in November.

Are you based in the city? Or know someone who is?

Find the event (and all others) via our Meetup Pro page.


– Ash x