Yena members Charles Parkinson and Ashley Samuels-Mckenzie share the story of their recent successful pitch to CHANEL. 

“We were invited to a competitive pitch along with 4 other agencies and Unity & Motion were awarded the project in October 2019 – the project was for their Global People Development division, working with the Global Head of People Development for CHANEL. 

We approached the project like all our projects, identifying the underlying needs of the client and working out how we could achieve their goals through the films we created. Rather than opting for the obvious and infamous ‘talking head’, we opted to embark on an ambitious approach. We decided to attempt to collate user generated footage from CHANEL employees from around the world, speaking in their native tongue and remotely access all contributors through video calls. 

The results were outstanding. We have since created 4 films from the footage we received and the client has been overjoyed. The Global Head of People Development admitted she was unsure how we would achieve the ambitious approach, but was incredibly impressed with how it was executed and wants to continue creating more films with Unity & Motion. The screening of the film was met with applause from the audience. We’re chuffed. 

We’re extremely proud to work with one of the top brands in the world and to have executed the project to the highest standards. The client also gave us a raving review on The Drum Recommends.”

You can find out more about Unity & Motion here, and if you’re interested in becoming a Yena Member, like Charles and Ashley, then go here.