Our favourite #WorkFromHome set-ups…

As many people are working from home right now we wanted to shed a light into the world by sharing some of the best setups people have when working from home. 

Some people are creating epic standing-desk setups, to keep themselves on their feet and look after their posture while at home: 



Some people are being accompanied by their pets. We’re unsure if they’re distractions or assistants…



Some people are taking to the outdoors and creating al-fresco setups to get some fresh air while isolating and staying productive:



Some are staying active: 


And some people are super chill, like Yena member, Don from Teooh who in his normal comedic-way greeted us in a Google Hangout this week chomping on a bagel in a wooly hat and sunglasses… 


And some people are just straight flexing with some epic setups: 


Hopefully, these setups put a smile on your face, as they did ours. We can also use a little light in otherwise dark times. 

Whatever your WFH (work from home) setup is, make sure you’re looking after yourself, taking regular screen breaks and staying active where possible. 

If you’d like to see more setups like this, this is the best Twitter thread we’ve found, so far.