It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so I wanted to draw attention to something. The fact is that running a startup isn’t always the nomadic, high-octane lifestyle that it seems from the outside.

With so much positive spin on the ‘glamorous startup journey’, it’s sometimes surprising for many to imagine that this is a role where there’s a huge amount of pressure and depression is rife. I want you to know that it’s ok not to be invincible.

It’s ok to feel the pressure.

It’s ok to need a day off.

It’s ok to need to talk to someone.

The fact that many of us put a brave face on it, take to social media and talk about how awesome startup life is, isn’t helpful for ourselves or those about to enter it.

The truth is, it’s hard and it’s ok to share that too.

After 7 years of sacrificing everything for something I loved – my work, the potential to build a legacy and the possibility of impacting the lives of young people wanting to start a business – I’ve realised that one of the most important parts of the job is supporting the people within those businesses.

I’ve worked 3 figure hour work-weeks under the guise of it being ‘cool’ and been nearly burnt out more times than I care to remember. I can barely recall the last time I took a holiday and I know that isn’t healthy. I’m at terms with it, and I’m fixing it. Some aren’t.

You can supply as much time, knowledge and even funding as you like, but if the person leading it isn’t content then the business won’t perform.

YENA exists to support the people as much as the businesses, which means we’re here for any concerns you may be having. If you’d like to talk at any time, just drop us a line and we’ll help in any way we can.