Tell us a little more about your career to date?
I’m an accountancy graduate, started my career in outsourcing, involved in many start-ups. Successful roles in building businesses that were generated £millions for owners. Growing affinity partner income by 33% to £120m, set up and did MBO of financial services business, expanded to £50m AUM and then did trade sale. The key strength is setting up distribution channels for new products/services to grow customer bases.
What does your current role entail?
I lead the business – new recruits, culture, governance. Involved in the overall business strategy, Financial management – operational and investment, Acquisition strategy for experts and co-founders.
What has been your biggest challenge to date and how have you overcome it?
Managing and motivating the team remotely. We have tighter systems and reporting in place, with regular 121.
What has been your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement is taking a business from 900 customers to 410k customers in 36 months which sold for £120m Business Butler’s biggest achievement is 80% of experts have already had one or more appointments in 10 months of being live. The appointment to sale is 60%.
What is your companies vision/problem it’s solving?
To improve the success rate of businesses. Finding credible suppliers is a lottery with our vetting and matching engine it is very easy to source trusted professionals. We also provide relevant fact-based free content.
What has been your biggest learning experience?
There is no silver bullet in business, it takes very hard work, risk and a talented team to prosper. Recruit attitude over skill.
What is your biggest piece of advice for your teenage self?
Join owner-led businesses to learn more quickly. Choose where you want to live and build a life around that place. Invest in assets not liabilities
What’s your favourite quote?
It’s not what you know or who you know, it is who knows you
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