Over the past few years, YENA has managed to carve out a niche, attracting some of the most exciting young, ambitious, switched on businesses, teams & individuals in our demographic (under 35).

Naturally then, we’ve consciously watched these companies as they arrive into the YENA community, then go on to raise large amount of first, second and third round funding, growing large teams, creating incredible projects and often making a real impact on the world in the process.

One example saw us meet one company over 2 years ago, before they went on to raise a Seed round valuing them at over £600,000 and then a subsequent round valuing them at over £1.5m. Another raised over £10m in their first round. Examples like these highlight the potential in the early stage companies we attract.

What if you’d be involved in that first round?

What if you’d been there before the first round?

These are the opportunities we’re hoping to bring you.

That’s why we’re making a conscious effort to improve the connections we make between investors and our startups.

Right now we have a number of companies looking for funding, totalling over £500,000 which are a combination between Seed and Series A level opportunities.

If you’re an investor or interested in investing in YENA companies, then please do make yourself known via our investor page or at info@yena.co.uk

Disclaimer: Our position in this instance currently stands as an introducer of opportunities – we are not advising on the best companies to invest in and your own capital is at risk.