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Develop career-defining soft skills and level up your opportunities.

With genuinely useful content, exclusive benefits, regular events, a supportive community and personalised advice.

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‘I was having x issue and this is how dffrnt helped me’

Further yourself with a community of future leaders

Members of dffrnt are from all walks of life, but they have one goal in common – to reach the top of their game by building their toolkit of skills. Join the best of the best to further yourself and form connections with fellow next-gen leaders, through dffrnt.

Access a premium curriculum of content

We’ve spent time putting together the best advice and resources, as high-quality content from our expert team and hand-picked specialists. Dffrnt will provide you with only the best insights that power career-defining development possibilities for you and your peers.

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While our meetups remain free for all to attend, members can exclusively access regular expert interviews, a vast archive of content and subject modules. With extra benefits throughout the year, including conference tickets, giveaways & more, you’ll make savings totalling more than your membership cost (can we say this?). (what about 1-2-1 support?)

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Key strategies to step your game up, in your career & business (and maybe life too?)

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  • Creating + building a personal brand
  • Growing + leveraging networks
  • Understanding social currency + how to use it
  • Building influence + becoming a leader
  • How to land speaking & PR opportunities