18 year old Matthew Wedding, has only just completed his A Levels but is already moving onto launch his second business, after a successful first venture in card-based educational games.

Matthew launched his first business, Educational Trumps, after finding that learning & revising for maths was a bit of a chore. Already a fan of the ‘Top Trumps’ card range, he decided to create his own version to help people with learning subjects in and outside of school.

An example of the Educational Trumps cards that Matthew created


Since launching, he now stocks his products in multiple stores.

Now, Matthew is moving onto teeth – launching Brush in a Box, a subscription business supplying bamboo-based toothbrushes to people, supplied to them every three months (the frequency toothbrushes should be changed, as recommended by dentists).

After reading about the amount of waste that goes into landfill from oral care – specifically plastic toothbrushes – Matthew decided he wanted to do something about it.

While doing some initial research he came across bamboo toothbrushes, which are far more environment friendly, and decided to order a few to test out between him and his family.

Once satisfied that not only were these products better for the environment but they were also high quality, stylish and did a great job at keeping his teeth clean and healthy, Matthew decided to look for ways to turn it into a business and to bring the brushes to the masses, saving the environment as he goes.

Over the past few years, several subscription services have launched in the US, seeing quite considerable & sustained success. Brush in a Box looks to bring this model to the UK, and beyond, focusing on sustainable, biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and – in the near future – associated products too. For example, Matthew hopes, in the coming months, to introduce completely biodegradable floss as an addition to the subscription offering.

Matthew’s business is a great example of a generation of businesses starting right now that not only are looking for commercial business success by addressing clear problems with large markets, but also to make an impact on the planet. This double-benefit approach of both profit and purpose is something YENA champion among it’s members as responsible business is better business.

With a reported 61% of people are more likely to buy from companies with good reputations and 56% of people more loyal to brands that can show evidence of environmental actions this can have huge advantages for growth and profits down the line.

Register your interest for Brush in a Box now on their website and be among the first to know when they launch!