We’re excited to announce that the next round of Perfect Intros is now open!

It can be hard to get connected with the people and opportunities that you need to start and grow your business – that’s where Perfect Intros comes in.

Perfect Intros was born out of a commitment to connect isolated founders at the start of the pandemic and has since grown into our personalised introduction service, where we match our Rebels based on their skills, challenges and experiences.

Since its launch in March of this year, we’ve directly supported more than 60 of our members and made more than 150 introductions to other Rebels. By personalising our support, we’ve been able to create matches that have led to further introductions, business opportunities and even ongoing advisory relationships.

However, at the core of Perfect Intros is a desire to connect our community, not with an expectation of reward, but instead with a commitment to helping others and paying it forward.

We’re excited to get this round underway!

If you’re a Rebel, you can sign-up to Perfect Intros here. The deadline to apply is Friday 27th November.

If you’re not yet a Rebel, but want to access Perfect Intros, you can find out more about joining our community here.