Voxos is a forward-thinking company that exemplifies the aforementioned trends in the technology
industry, pioneering a smart glasses design. This device combines headphones and glasses into one
single thing, enabling users to play sounds through their bones with phenomenal technology.

How does it work? This unique product has integrated bone conduction technologies, which enable users
to access anything from music and entertainment to other information and data, without ever losing track
of their surroundings. In other words, Voxos glasses will enable users to operate different functions while
keeping their eyes on the road!

This is perfect for the creation of a safer environment during the user’s journey, because Voxos enables
them to access digital content, without the need to look down at their mobile phones or other devices,
ensuring a smoother journey.

In-ear headphones are dangerous for cyclists, joggers, drivers and even commuters because they
completely block out the sound from their surroundings, thus preventing the user from hearing other
vehicles or obstacles on the road. Real-life numbers clearly highlight the need for such a solution.
According to the World Health Organization, nearly 1.3 million people die every year, as a result of road
traffic crashes. Today, most of these accidents are caused by digital distractions, such as smartphones,
which keep people’s eyes off the road and sunk into their little screens, with sometimes tragic

It’s not just about safety: Voxos smart glasses have that distinctive “cool” factor that makes heads turn!
The company did not make any compromises in terms of style and looks when creating this product, and
it is far from your average “bulky” safety gear, like helmets or high-visibility jackets.
This is an innovative device that aims to enhance the sense of the users, connecting the real and digital
world seamlessly.

Proud Yena members Voxos have now launched their Indiegogo campaign to broaden the reach of their
product, to support organizations such as WHO and the UN, aiding their remarkable “Decade of Action for
Road Safety” initiative, with a viable solution.