Today we rebranded. This new name & visual change has been in the pipeline for a little while now and helps us re-announce ourselves to the world, along with our mission, who we are, and what we do.

Yena is now a little… Dffrnt.

Dffrnt Rebrand Logo – This new name & visual change has been in the pipeline for a little while now

Dffrnt is, at it’s core, a startup ecosystem, on a mission to democratise entrepreneurship and access to high-quality business support to enable anyone, anywhere to build the thing they want to see in the world.

Our core product is a membership offering honed over 4 years, comprised of premium benefits and a digital community platform, allow creators, makers, freelancers, startups, and CEOs of all kinds to connect with one another and get a helping hand on an otherwise lonely, tough, expensive, stressful journey. You can find out more about that here.

We’ve also refined Dffrnt+ which connects founders with experienced advisors who have worked at a high level and actually grown & sold businesses before to help you get on track to do the same.

Further to this, we’re also working with larger companies to implement strategies & services that help them act more like fast-moving, innovative startups attacking new markets in new ways.

This is the (re)start of something greater. We’re not here to do things by halves. Dffrnt is for the rebels, the changemakers, the partizans, the outliers, the mavericks and it just wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t join the party and break a few rules ourselves.

So stay tuned for much more to come. But in the meantime, join the community, join the movement, and get the perfect companion for your business journey with Dffrnt right here.