After the insight we gained from surveying our community back in March, we decided that we needed to find more ways to harness the awesome knowledge base our Members provide.

That’s why, earlier this month, we announced plans for a Member Board – A group of Yena Members who would help to shape our strategy over the next 12 months as we gear up to make some big moves.

Many companies will have a set of advisors who meet on a regular basis to help guide the organisation forward. However, this traditional approach doesn’t quite work for us. As you know, being rebellious is in our nature, which is why we’ve decided to redefine how governance operates and curate a set of advisors made from and for our community 💜

At the start of April, we made a call out to our community for people to ‘apply’ for our board and were thrilled by the enthusiasm we got from our members. This was followed by an anonymised review process through which we chose our Member Board!

This chosen group of members will:

  • Get to have a say in defining our strategy 📈
  • Receive a deep insight into our company progress 🧐
  • Hold us accountable for the decisions we make 👊

All whilst helping us build a product that works better for them and their business’s.

The first meeting of our Member Board will be happening at the start of July and we can’t wait to start working with our new advisors!