We’re excited to announce the details of our upcoming Yena Retreat to Morocco!

From the 18th-21st May, a group of Yena Members will be jetting off to Morocco for a 3-day surfing adventure. 


Why do we organise these retreats?

We understand that as an entrepreneur it can be very difficult to justify taking time out for yourself, whether that’s because of an ever-increasing list of to-dos, tight budgets or simply the fear of switching-off.

Despite more awareness around mental wellbeing and the importance of giving yourself some downtime, entrepreneurs in particular still feel pressured to always be present just-in-case a client needs an urgent question answered or just-in-case there’s a bug that needs fixing.

The problem we’ve found is that without setting sensible expectations for yourself and the people you work with, you can get caught up in smaller issues, miss bigger problems and, ultimately, lose sight of why you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place!


How do our retreats help with this?

By offering short, reasonably priced, adventure-based trips to our community, you get to take a bit of time away for yourself, focus on an activity completely different to your day-to-day and be surrounded by people who ‘get it’. This will give your brain the chance to regroup and maybe even come to a realisation in the process.

Alongside this you’ll also get to experience something new, in a destination far removed from your norm, and build relationships with some of the other awesome members from across our community.


Who are the retreats for?

Any Yena Member, from anywhere in the world, is allowed to come on our exclusive retreat! We specifically choose activities that don’t require any previous experience or fitness level.

You are also more than welcome to sit out and enjoy the view or take part in one of the other excursions on offer. The main thing is that you are taking some well earned time for yourself!

Our upcoming retreat costs £290 and includes all accommodation, meals and surfing lessons. Find out more and get signed-up here!