Dffrnt and our community are committed to supporting and preserving our environment and having a net-positive impact on the planet. In light of World Earth Week, we wanted to highlight some of the initiatives that we and our community have been engaging in.

As an official partner of Ecologi, a carbon offsetting company that helps tackle the climate crisis, Dffrnt has planted 1,527 trees, offset 66.75 tonnes of carbon and have been climate positive for 22 months. Every time a new member joins Dffrnt, another tree is planted, which further reduces the impact of climate change. 

Similarly one of our members Tim McCosh the founder of Yokahu spoke to us about their commitment. Yokahu’s product is hurricane insurance. Climate change is making hurricanes more powerful and damaging. Hence, Yokahu is using Ecologi to offset carbon to slow or reverse the strengthening of hurricanes. 

Prior to launching, when Yokahu closed their investment round in March they offset 1 ton of CO2 and planted 10 trees for every £1000 invested, with the hope this has offset their entire project’s impact to date. They see this as a really important way to protect their customers – not just paying claims when they are impacted but also actively trying to prevent those impacts from worsening.  One of the potential visions for Yokahu is to protect its community against all climate-related risks by both offsetting carbon and reversing climate change and paying claims when they are affected by a climate event.

Another Dffrnt member, Carl Pion, outlined how STIRZ Brands fosters a culture of change that preserves and protects our planet. They are striving towards this through pioneering eco-technology and working with organisations and individuals alike to create more sustainable solutions in the beverage space. This includes successfully launching a line of Zero Waste, leave-no-trace coffees to the American outdoor adventure market as well as working with 3 Major UK football clubs in using compostable coffee lines which eliminate single-use packaging waste while still providing a higher quality product and an overall better experience. 

Their goals for the future are to bring their line of Zero waste beverages to the UK and Europe and become the leading hot beverage brand in sports and entertainment. 

Dffrnt and our community recognise the urgent action required to combat the climate crisis and understand that without business input in harnessing green technologies, progress on such a critical issue cannot be made, and thus we stand strong in our commitment to making the world a better place to inhabit. 

These are just a couple of examples of Dffrnt members impacting the planet in a positive way through their core business activities. There are many others we’ll be highlighting in due course too. 

Is your business positively impacting the planet? Start now and plant a tree every month as a member of Dffrnt