What is doubling-down?

Well of course it’s a term that comes from the world of gambling and the connotation is the same, when it comes to business. It’s about putting more time, money and resource into a particular relationship, product or service, compared to any others.

This is something I’m starting to practice more and more at YENA.

Our ability to chase lots of different opportunities is one that is a natural challenge for me, being somewhat of a magpie (chasing shiny objects) myself. However it’s our self-awareness, refocusing and finding ‘that one thing’ that is helping us to ramp up our growth towards the end of the year.

As Mark Manson eloquently puts in his frank, but to-the-point, book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, it’s about finding the things you really ‘give a f*ck’ about, and then forgetting everything else.

August and September are always favourite months of mine, to help me catch up on paperwork and get ahead of of the ‘holiday crew’. But this year I’ve discovered it’s also a great time to take account of everything you have going on, sieve it, and see what little nuggets of gold you have to work with.

Then doubling down on those bits of gold to shine them up and make them as incredible as you can.

As we move into Q4 of 2017, you’ll hear more about what we’re doubling down on here at YENA.

Keep an eye out for the next instalment coming tomorrow!

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