Coworking might as well be the latest cleansing diet because you’re going to want to ‘get on it’.

If you are an independent professional, freelancer or small business owner and you want to grow your business, gain new clients and meet other interesting professionals then you should be giving co-working some serious consideration.

None of us can expect good things to simply fall into our laps; we’re not going to magically wake up one day with a vastly-increased personal or professional network by accident. It may take time and what it certainly will take, is action.

How can coworking be of benefit to you?

First and foremost, you’re going to come into contact with a variety of talented people; the vast majority, if not all, of these people will be unknown to you. Therefore, when you’re establishing each introduction, you’re building a personal and professional connection with everyone you meet.

How is this helpful?

In truth, the ‘return’ may not be immediately obvious, but when great minds think alike this can lead to great things happening. Your new contact may have expertise in an area that you don’t and so they may be able to offer you some advice.

Just because you can code a website really well it doesn’t mean you can sell your services via social media, but, should you find yourself co-working alongside the best up and coming social strategist, a tit for tat business arrangement can be made. Not only will you learn from another person, but you’ll be able to recommend them for other jobs later down the line. Don’t worry, the best things in life are a two way process and if you can add value to someone else’s ventures and projects, they will eventually be a boost to your work too.

New clients equals new income, which equals smiley face!

When coworking, you’re going to be feeding off the creative buzz of those around you; away from the distractions of family members or the television. You won’t be consistently grabbing another Coke from the fridge, but instead the onus will be on you to work hard and maximise your productivity. You’re not in your pyjamas, you’re actually putting the effort in to leave the house and you’re still working by yourself – just not alone.

So, perhaps without intending for it to happen, you’ll find yourself within a new community. The great thing about coworking is you will find people who truly care, enjoy and are passionate about what they do. This will rub off on you and act as a welcome inspiration.

Do we always do what’s good for us?

No. But do most of us believe in trying anything at least once? Hopefully yes. So, give coworking a go and see how quickly you meet new and interesting professionals who could be of real value to your future.


Haseeb Malik is an experienced copywriter, digital marketing executive and YENA Member. You can find out more about his work over at www.haseebmalik.co.uk or follow him on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram.