A couple of months ago we asked ourselves this question: why isn’t there a platform to celebrate future business leaders, regardless of their industry?

Whilst other awards try to force individuals into specific categories, we wanted to create something that celebrated diversity and talent in a way that didn’t limit people. And so, the #Future15 was born.

Here’s a list of what you should know about the #Future15:

Don’t expect to know all the names on the list.

We’ve set out to represent the people and partnerships that you may not have heard about yet, but you will certainly be hearing about in the near future.

It’s more than just PR.

The #Future15 transforms YENA’s ability to spot the next generation of business leaders into a comprehensive guide for consumers, clients, businesses and investors so that you know who to watch out for.

It’s not an end goal, it’s a springboard.

Winners take note: the #Future15 is a showcase of your potential. Regardless of what you’ve achieved so far, we want you to be able to use this award as a platform to grow further.

There was no application process.

All the names on the list were chosen by the YENA team, based on our own knowledge of young entrepreneurs across the UK. Though we won’t claim to be completely unbiased, as the first port of call for many people just starting out, we’ve spotted enough talent over the years to pull together a pretty well-rounded #Future15.

We’re announcing the list live.

That’s right – the #Future15 will be announced live via our Facebook channel (found here) at 18.00 on Monday 19th June. Going to miss out? The full list will also be released after the announcement via future15.com.


A special thanks goes to Amalgam Modelmaking for creating our awesome #Future15 trophies and to our headline sponsors Agility in Mind for their continued support of our work! We can’t wait to make the announcement on Monday!

Oh and before we go, here’s one last sneak peak at our beautiful awards will be giving out next week