Dffrnt Voices

A new official partner for your brilliant content

You’re creating inspiring, funny, educational content. We’re trying to reach people who love that stuff. So we created the perfect way for us to work together.

Now, you can get paid while looking more professional and reaching more people, just by shouting us out. Simple.

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How does it work?

1. You do what you do best

If you’re on this page, you’re probably already creating brilliant content. Great! Keep doing that. Great content attracts awesome audiences. That’s where we come in…

2. We’ll act as your first ‘sponsor’

At the start of your journey it’ll be hard to monetise through sponsors. So we want to change that. We’ll act as your first ‘sponsor’ to help you get paid for your content and help it look more pro (it’s easier to attract more sponsors once you have one).

3. Shout us out & get paid

Whether it’s an organic mention or ad spot, you create a space in your content to mention Dffrnt, along with your unique creator code. When your listeners/viewers sign up, you’ll get paid and you’ll keep getting paid for as long they remain as members.

4. Reach new audiences & people

As an official Dffrnt Voices partner, you’ll be listed on a page of curated content from other Voices, which will be seen by our members & the global Dffrnt community.

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