A guest blog by Georgia Stewart, Co-founder of Tumelo

In August 2019, I raised a seed investment round for our wonderful wee ‘early seed stage’ start-up, Tumelo. The process resulted in a £1 million, a stellar set of supportive angels and an extensive runway to build cool tech that will likely change the world for investors. Joy! But lord almighty, it took 8 months of pain to get there.

What follows is the fundraising guide I needed then. The path I never followed but wish I did. I present to you here, the beauty of hindsight.

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Random page from Tumelo’s deck

All in all, our raise took about 8 months. We had all the commitments by the start of summer (~month 5) but signing documents takes longer when investors are on safari (no surprises there). Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain (yeah — that’s 50 Cent). Nevertheless, let’s hope this guide maximises the first & minimises the latter. Questions below!

[Tumelo enables people to vote on issues they care about at companies they own through their investment and pensions. Find out more: www.tumelo.com & hello@tumelo.com]