Welcome to our 3rd FYI of 2019 – Q3 in review 🎉

As our summer draws to a close, we’re prepping ourselves at HQ to smash the last quarter of 2019. The past three months have certainly not been as glamorous as our jet-setting days of Q2 (still missing ya HK 😭), but they’ve been busy nonetheless.


At A Glance

In Q3 we had 43 new rebels join our community and ran 24 Rebel Meetups from Melbourne to Mexico City!

By far the biggest thing we’ve worked on over the past three months has been the launch of our first investment round. Keep reading to the end to get the details 🤭


The Deets

After announcing the launch of our Member Board back in Q1, we finally had our first meeting in July!

As a reminder, this board of advisors is made both from and for our community. They’ll meet on a quarterly basis to hold us accountable, get insight into the inner workings of our business and help to guide our strategy moving forward.

Our first session gave everyone the chance to meet the rest of the board, learn more about how we operate and discover the plans we have in the works for the next few years 👀

We can already tell these guys are going to be a massive help carving out our roadmap whilst also kicking our arses (when they need to be!) – Thanks for all your input so far 💜

August saw us reach the end of an era as we handed in the keys to our first office after three years 😢

Despite it being an emotional day, it felt like the right time to move on and get a fresh perspective in a new environment.

We’re now based at OneUp where we’ve been the first people onsite as they test out their new space. Their doors are now open and we’re already sharing with one Yena Member 🎉

If you want to come and check it out, their launch party is on October 22nd and you can get yourself signed-up here 💃

Having seen a number of jobs created in the Yena community over the years and some of the talent pool to fill those roles coming from people within our wider network, we’ve long wanted to created a portal to enable this in a more effective way.

As such, we’d love to introduce to you our Jobs & Talent Board. This MVP of what we hope to build in the future, enables Yena Rebels to submit their job openings to be featured on the page and connect directly with the talent within our network.

We’re also testing out a ‘pay-what-you-feel’ model with the Jobs & Talent Board instead of charging a recruitment fee, should members take on any talent through us ✨

And now onto…

In our last ‘In Review’ post, we mentioned that we’d be launching our first investment round in Q3, allowing us to invest in our team, tech and marketing, with the simple aim of making it easier for anyone, anywhere, to start and grow their own business 🙌

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally begun the process and, don’t worry, we’ll be documenting it to share our experiences with you all!

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t have got to this point without the support from our wider community and so, to you guys, we say thank you 💜. We’ll be providing a way for you to get directly involved in our round at a later date so keep an eye out 👀

Much love – Abby x


P.s. Don’t forget to get signed-up to your last Rebel Meetup of 2019 here.