Welcome to our 2nd FYI of 2019 – Q2 in review 🎉

It’s been three months since our last update and it sure has gone quick! Between jet-setting around the globe, changes to the board and working on some major developments, it’s refreshing to be able to stop and share some insight with you all.

At A Glance

In Q2 we had 40 new rebels join our community! That’s a little drop from Q1, but was expected as our focus has shifted towards future developments. 

Alongside that, we’ve also launched Rebel Meetups in Belfast, Mexico City and Hong Kong whilst lining up some new cities for the end of the year.

The Deets

We started off Q2 with the launch of our Yenacard… only kidding 😉(or maybe not?) – This year’s April fools went down a treat with the announcement that we’d be launching our very own credit card, dubbed ‘Yenacard’, allowing us to enable a startup trading ecosystem on the blockchain. 

After some encouraging responses from our community, what started out as some light-hearted fun, is now something we’re planning on incorporating into our future plans #watchthisspace 

Next up was this year’s Member’s Retreat to Morocco with Much Better Adventures, where we learnt to surf with a bunch of our community 🏄‍♀️😅

The three-night trip gave us the chance to take time away from the day-to-day, learn something new and build relationships with people from across our community, all whilst having fun at the same time. 

Also, we definitely have some future pro-surfers in our mix (myself not included 😂)

The second trip of the quarter was our biggest to date, and Ash’s first long-haul adventure, as we made our way to Hong Kong 🇭🇰✈️

This trip was all one, big ‘pinch-me’ moment as I got to do not only what I love, but also do it on the other side of the world. New culinary experiences and Disneyland aside (though both valuable uses of our time 😉), we got to completely immerse ourselves in a new network of startups which ultimately culminated in us launching a new Rebel Meetup!

Last, but not least, we rounded out Q2 with the announcement that I’ve joined the board 🎊I’m super excited to have officially been brought into an organisation that I care so much about and can’t wait to reach more of you in the future! 

So… what next? 

It would be pretty simple for us to continue growing as we are and choose to be content with the amount of people that we’re able to support at our current rate of growth. However, the truth is, we’re not. There are simply too many of you that we’re not able to reach yet and, quite frankly, that frustrates us!

As a result, we’ve spent the last six months planning something pretty exciting and are proud to announce:

We’ll be launching our first investment round during Q3 🚀

This will allow us to improve the digitisation of our service, increase capacity and speed up the journey to achieving our goal: Making it easier for anyone, anywhere, to start and grow their own business.


Much love – Abby x