YENA members, Ordoo, have announced partnering with rapidly growing – and uber cool – independent coffee chain, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. This comes just a few months after announcing a partnership with Yo!Sushi. 

[We were going to say that “it seems they’re on a roll” here but realised the sushi-based pun would be just too much]

Ordoo’s mobile app allows people to order, pay, skip the queues and earn loyalty rewards when collecting their tasty speciality coffee (t saves so much time around the Yena office, being able to order and collect as soon as it’s ready without queuing – we love it)!

Ordoo is the brainchild of Tom Dewhurst, who started the app 2 years ago, launching in Bath and Bristol. The idea was conceived in the back of a queue buying a sandwich at lunchtime. Driven by hunger and a hate of queuing Tom wondered “why can’t I just order and pay through my phone and just swing by when it’s ready?”.

Here’s Tom back in 2015(!) talking about the app at our Bath meetup:

Since the launch of the Starbucks order and pay app, McDonalds, Whetherspoons and Subway have all rolled out their own apps. Now with the national chains in the game, Ordoo are dedicated to providing high quality, independents and small chains the opportunity to reap the benefits of mobile ordering.

Ordoo’s Bristol partners include Engine Shed, Sandwich Sandwich (Temple Way), Ickle, Playground Coffee House, Bagelicious and now the mighty Department of Coffee!

Seeing as they’re such lovely people, they’ve even offered a sweet deal to get you all a free coffee.

So if you’re based in London, Bristol or Bath, then try out the app today, just sign up here and download the app to receive a FREE COFFEE on your first order!