As a bunch of you have noticed (as you’ve signed up already!) the membership window for signing up as a Yena member is now reopen.

We’ve spent 3 months focusing on what the community we’ve built, really wants. Many coffees, beers, lunches, roundtables, meetings, phone calls and video chats were had to get the feedback from you as to what you want to see, but as ever there were so many ideas we had to find the common themes throughout to help us build something elegant and effective.

So, now it’s here: Membership v.2, a better product, we think, to get you starting & growing a business even faster, more affordably and with less stress than ever before.

You can find out all about what’s included via our features page and if you’re ready to get signed up right away then you can do so, from just £9 per month plus vat, on our sign up page.

If you were with us before the change then you’ll notice the website has had a fresh lick of paint too!

What have we changed? Well, as ever, we like to be completely transparent and, for the technies among you, give you an idea of what we felt was important to improve upon, having tracked previous results…

  • New sign up process – the journey before we too clunky, it’s now much easier which should improve conversion
  • New payment system with a far better checkout UI – it pops up, rather that redirects, has a shorter check out process, and is more easily managed on the back end
  • Cleaner design – to make it easier to understand what we do, why we do it, and how you can get value from us
  • Simpler sitemap – before, we were guilty of adding far too much to the site which confused our message, it’s more more simplified now, which makes for an easier maintenance schedule
  • Vastly improved content protection experience – before, non-members would be abruptly told to sign up before hitting a page with content that needed to be protected; now they can get to that page and see a little behind the curtain before signing up
  • A better digital experience, making us a more scaleable business – this is important to us as it’s our mission to help anyone, anywhere start & grow a remarkable business
  • New iconography – we’ll be adding to/improving on these all the time but we hope it matches with our rebellious vibe
  • Use of GIFs to make experience more fun!
  • A funny 404 error page, because we’ve always wanted one…
  • And a few more super technical things we won’t bore you with
  • Updated brand assets with new colour scheme that will be slowly incorporated into the Yena brand
  • ‘Tools and Resources’ is now ‘Toolbox’ which is far easier to say and much prettier; we’re excited about the heavyweight partners we’ve added to there too!


So here it is. We’re glad you found it. Thanks for reading this far down the blog. Bonus points to you! 😉

Thinking of signing up? Go for it. There’s no risk as we don’t hold you to a contract and, with the cost being less than a coffee each week, with far more value you’d be crazy not too.