Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Oribi Davies, co-founder and Director of INTENT; a youth-led creative talent and marketing agency based in London.

How are you approaching your industry differently?

My background is artist management. Quite simply, I have spent the past 7 years working for, with and around some of the country’s most popular music stars and wanted to build a company that embodies that level of growth, infrastructure and profile in some of the UK’s most gifted non-musical creatives. At INTENT, we believe in credibility over celebrity, and it’s a clear and simple mission to make young and gifted creatives recognised in their art, financially stable, and guide them to become leaders in their industry.


What is the key to an effective co-founder relationship?

Fundamentally, you must share the same vision, but possess a different skillset. For example, my business partner Rachel is the brand expert, and I am the talent expert. It’s a simple split, but where the ‘effectiveness’ comes in is that one must be indispensible to the other.


How important is social good to you in business?

Supporting creatives is very important to us. We have our first event coming up which aims to arm aspiring creatives with the tools required to begin their own freelance careers, as underrepresented or minority young people in the creative industry. Our responsibility is to empower and support young creatives and we will continue to do so for as long as we exist.


What is a key principle that you follow in business?

Value. It’s not a question of “why are you here?”, but “why don’t we want you to leave?”. That’s value.


Name a TED Talk you recommend others to watch?

Simon Sinek – ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action.’


The best piece of advice you have received?

My old boss once told me that the key to running a successful business is finding and building your dream team.


You can find out more about INTENT over at www.intentlondon.co, and on Twitter  and Instagram.