Who are you and what do you do?

We are Pelico! We are building the fast food of the future. Imagine if you could take out your smartphone, press a button, and have a freshly made meal delivered in minutes, for just £5?

How have you found your start-up journey so far?

It’s been incredibly challenging to say the least. An emotional rollercoaster. Start-ups are a lot of work, but well worth it!!


What do you listen to whilst you work?

I don’t tend to listen to music whilst I work, I find I focus best whilst working on my own in near to silence with regular social breaks.


What drives you to get up in the morning?

The reason I get up every morning is to make my vision a reality. Because I truly believe it will make the world a better place.


What three things can’t you live without?

– The grind.

– Healthy meals.

– Friends and family.


What’s your best time-saving trick?

Deep breathing to maintain focus and clarity of thought. As well as lots and lots of to-do-lists!


What have you learnt that you’d like others to know?

The importance of focusing on a small group of customers and developing a product or service to meet their needs. If you create a good enough solution you shouldn’t have to focus as much on marketing, because your customers will do it for you (word of mouth referrals).


Where do you see yourself and your business in 12 months?

I would like to see myself leading Pelico into new markets. With my vision for the future of fast food being experienced by hundreds of people every day in the City of Bristol!


The best advice you’ve ever received?

– Your network is everything.

– Listen to your customers.


Fill in the blank. I’d like to see ___ ​answer these same questions!

Sam Smith


Anything else you’d like to add?

We are currently testing deliveries in the city centre. If you, or anyone you know works in the BS1 area, please do get in touch!


Check out Pelico at www.pelicobristol.co.uk