Yena member, Toby White has secured a six-figure investment to launch a new SaaS business that is set to revolutionise the communications industry.

MarketMate’s ambition is to turn the current methodology of content creation and distribution within social media on its head; making it faster, easier and more accurate to impact marketing spaces that have business targets.  A subscription-based product, MarketMate makes it simple and easy for users to manage their budgets as well as their messaging.

Toby, 23, will launch MarketMate in early January 2020 from Barclays Eagles Lab in Cardiff with the backing of lead angel investor Deri Green and Angels Invest Wales.

Chief Executive of MarketMate Toby White explained:

“Managing business growth requires specialist marketing support and advice that often comes at a premium. My own experience of developing my company ARTIMUS as a successful AI development house left me questioning the value of agency support and feeling frustrated that there was no simple automated solution that met my specific needs.

“It quickly became apparent that there was a real opportunity to develop an algorithm that enables business owners and managers to take control of their own marketing with the development of original content in a more cost-effective way than employing agency support.

“MarketMate soon sparked the interest of digital marketing and technology specialist Deri Green who is now working with us to realise the full potential of MarketMate. The support from him and our advisers along with the funding from the Wales Angel Investment Co-investment Fund is making a real difference to our ability to be able to scale up and reach out to a global audience from our base here in Cardiff. I am also very grateful to Sion Tudur at Loosemores for his ongoing advice.”

Check out MarketMate here for more info.