Look how far you’ve come. 

No, seriously. Take a moment and think back a few months, year, maybe a few years to when you started whatever journey you’re on and really take note of the progress you’ve made.

The things you’ve learnt, the connections you’ve made, the thing you’ve built or are building are all a big step from the you back then.

Sometimes though, it’s hard to remember that.

In the struggle of pushing along, reaching for more, you can forget how far you’ve come and be too hard on yourself. Yes, you need to drive forward but for the sake of your mental wellbeing you should celebrate your progress too.


The entrepreneurial / ambitious mind is both a blessing and a curse. 

The sheer drive & resilience it gives you means you’ll likely achieve more than your peers throughout your life, hopefully even impacting others too. But the want for progress never seems to subside and can drive you crazy, regardless of that success.

It’s not a want for more in a material way, it’s a want for better – a better you, a better way, a better world.

That isn’t a bad thing of course, it’s what changes the world after all, but without self-awareness it can be a dangerous road to undervaluing yourself.

It’s a big reason why some of the highest performing people often deal with depression behind the scenes and it can be hard to remedy but the first step is being aware of your self deprecation and taking account of just how far you’ve come.

I certainly have and often do suffer from large doses of imposter syndrome, which never seem to subside regardless of what level you end up playing at.

So please, once you’ve finished reading this, take just 1 minute, sit there, think back, and think how much you would have given 1, 5, 10 years ago, to be where you are now. Smile. And enjoy the rest of the ride.


Here’s my disclaimer: 

If you really believe you’re too early into your journey or too young to take account like this, then we’re here to help.

Yena exists to help people like you get onto the next proverbial step of the ladder – especially those starting businesses – so if you need help with this then email me personally (by responding to this) and I’ll do everything I can to help.

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Oh and I know you all love my GIFs but honestly, where was I going to fit another one into the above topic without breaking the serious tone of it?! Plus, it’s my newsletter, I make the rules


– Ash x