Yena member, Jess Saumarez, has launched the new app Hedira which is revolutionising the way we care for our houseplants. 

Have you ever bought a houseplant, and for some inexplicable reason it dies? 

This was the problem Jess was having around a year ago. Jess had always had plants around the house: they’re good for your wellbeing, have been proven to increase creativity and most importantly connects people who live in cities with nature. As the houseplant trend started to ‘bloom’ (sorry, more puns to come), she was finding more tropical plants for her home that just weren’t staying alive or healthy. 

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All of the plant-care apps out there were either too simple or aimed at older generations. This is what ‘planted’ the idea of Hedira. Hedira is a free-to-download app that helps people care for their houseplants. Hedira takes the species of plant and where you are putting it in the home to give you tailored care notifications on your phone. 

Like any business, a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was needed to prove that Hedira had legs to become a viable business. At the start of December, Jess and her co-founder Ben launched the MVP of Hedira. Its features were basic but were sufficient to test the market. 

Since December the Hedira team have been pushing their app out on social, targeting their ideal market (who aren’t friends-family-fools!). In under two months, over 1,000 plants were registered on the app, and three days later they surpassed 2,000…

You can find out more about Hedira here and, if you’re interested in becoming a Yena Member like Jess, then go here.