Yena members, Digital Profile are a company providing a privacy-focused career solution.

Helping individuals take control of their CV and data. Matching people to opportunities around jobs and training. This gives employers the ability to hire through an ethical process keeping individuals informed and giving the control of data back to the individual.

Recently launching their new platform and being featured on Product Hunt, DesignerNews, and Betalist the platform is set to take over the UK. Winning recent contracts with Fedcap Employment, DWP, local councils including Bristol to help people into employment and training courses.

Based out of Cardiff and an active Yena member they have successfully grown the company with £500,000 of seed funding and now in the process of securing their next round of investment to grow the company to help deliver contracts.

As a member of the Yena community, they have kindly offered a discount to access all the rich features to help to hire managers to find talent.

Copy code and apply to checkout to get 20% off each seat: aMKfudNx