Lately it seems like brands everywhere are building communities around what they do and for good reason – it works.

As we’ve been running this community for 5 years now (where has the time gone?!) I wanted to share some of my top tips for building & scaling communities to work for you.

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Right… On to the good stuff!

Why build a community? 

If you’re in pre-launch, thinking about how to create an audience for your product or service there are few better ways of creating a lean lead funnel than building a community.

Not only will they be a pool of potential sales but treat them well and they’ll be brand advocates – natural sales-people of your wares and a regular & reliable source of feedback for continuous improvement.

Honestly, I don’t know what everyone hasn’t built one yet!

Where do you start?!

Start small. Go where they are (easy). Bring them to you (harder but rewarding). Give them a compelling reason to connect. Treat them like gods. Show them you love them and engage with them often.

Facebook’s ‘groups’ set-up gives you a great way to keep people in one place, with notifications if activity happens. It helps create active communities and they’re even launching features to let users charge members to save building membership e-commerce websites elsewhere!


DO ask them what they want.
DON’T try to add every feature/benefit they suggest.
DO overdeliver to your first community members
DON’T expect to be able to do that forever
DO expect people to leave –  they’ll have their own reasons
DON’T take it personally – it can often be nothing to do with you (we all have expensive months!).
DO think about how you’re going to monetise if that’s the eventual plan.
DON’T take too long before doing it – set a precident for how you’re going to run things
DO sell.
DON’T hard sell.

If you’re thinking of starting a community for your brand, then I recommend it but remember they do take a lot of looking after – it’s why many people end up wanting/needing to monetise them.

Gamers, crafts people, artists, musicians, and ambitious likeminded people like you. All with different approaches, all able to make something work. How are you going to build your community? I look forward to seeing them start & flourish.

If you need more advice on building a community for your brand I’m doing some official advisory work around this at the moment and would welcome more of your projects, or become a Yena+ member and we can work on this together via our very own community benefits!

P.s. This will possibly be the last newsletter for 2 weeks as we’ll be in Sardinia next Thursday into the week after for our member retreat where we’ll be taking a bunch of awesome members sea kayaking in some of the more stunning water 😍 and then cheekily stopping off in Rome for some pizza on the way home 🍕