Yena members, Visual Echo (who also record podcasts of our Cardiff events, thanks fellas!) recently decided to rebrand their video production company, ironically at the same time we wrote the article about why you should stop rebranding, right now!

So we asked them:

“Why? What’s the strategy here?”

They told us…

As a young company, currently run by only two people, we take on the responsibilities across the board. In terms of the rebrand, we didn’t feel that the designs and colour scheme we had fitted what we were about. We know the old saying of “do the work”, but as a startup we wanted to move forward with complete confidence of the look and ‘feel’ of our company and brand.

We aimed at making something colourful and ‘lighter’ than our original design that didn’t really work on promotional material due to the thin font that and dark colour scheme that we used. This influenced our approach in terms of a strong and bold logo design that we are really happy with.

It’s mentioned as often as it can be on our website and in any marketing we release, but we really do care about the ‘feel’ of our videos. Being a video production company, we have to reach out to our clients and their clients, we have to give them something that they remember on an emotional level more than anything else.

We are still learning how best to ‘sell’ ourselves as a company as we are primarily creatives, not learned businessmen or marketers, but as we grow and continue to understand the larger goals of our company we know that our marketing and subsequent branding will evolve with us.  

So look out for Visual Echo working with bigger clients very soon, video coming to a screen near you, no doubt!