You can now join over 30,000 founders who have already used this modern take on traditional business planning tools, especially designed with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in mind. 

At YENA, we’ve partnered with BizPlan to bring our members 20% off of their monthly subscription so that you can build an investor-ready business plan with ease.

BizPlan is part of the wider Startups.co family of products and services that help to support businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve their dreams. We asked their Chief Product Officer, Damon Caiazza, what his thoughts were on the current climate of entrepreneurship who said, “we speak with entrepreneurs and startups every day about starting up, growth, funding and much more.  I’m continually blown away by how entrepreneurship permeates every corner of the Earth and has become, in and of itself, a profession”.

Just some of the features that BizPlan offers:

  • Guided Builder – Expert guidance in small, simple steps.
  • Drag and Drop Templates – Allowing you to move, insert and easily complete the most important sections of your plan.
  • Progress Tracking – Complete the plan in any order you want.
  • Team Collaboration – Get the whole team involved.
  • Financial Command Centre – All of your key financial stats in one dashboard.
  • And more…

YENA members can now take advantage of all these features and save 20% on their monthly subscription with BizPlan.

This deal is only for YENA members, so join now if you want to get your business plan in order.

Already a member? Check out our resources page for more information and details on how you can sign-up or, to find out more about BizPlan, go to www.bizplan.com.